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Fresh Wholesale Gourmet roasted coffee beans available in Hong Kong and Macau/Shenzhen,we supply and roast 100% Arabica Coffee, We’re Roasted in the USA and Delivered Fresh to order in Hong Kong every week.

Our Finest gourmet coffee beansavailable to order in Hong Kong and Macau/Shenzhen,We currently offer:Brazil Dark,Brazilian Santos,Colombia Supremo,Costa Rica Tarrazu,Ethiopia Yirgacheffe,Guatemala Antigua,Honduras Organic Fair Trade,Indonesia Sumatra,Kenya AA,Mexico High Grown,Peru Organic Fair Trade,Tanzania Peaberry,Decaf Colombia Supremo,Decaf Swiss Water® Colombia Supremo.

We supply Raw Green coffee beans for home and micro roasting and are currently available to order.

We supply home,office,hotel and restaurant coffee beans direct. Contact our sales manager for your sample coffee today at our Hong Kong offices.
Shopping for Coffee Beans? We supply Gourmet coffee in bulk and by the pound. Great Deals Hong Kong yourcoffee bean supplier of fine gourmet coffee beans and coffee machines in Hong Kong and Macau and Asia pacific region,We offer fresh wholesale coffee in bulk and by the pound, We offer more then a dozen raw green coffee beans and are available to individuals and micro roasters alike.

We’re now offering raw green coffee beans in bulk and by the pound… Yes we supply coffee to small and large business in Hong Kong and Macau. Great Deals Hong Kong Coffee Company. Think coffee, thinkGreat Deals Hong Kong Coffee Company.

Great Deals now offers flavored roasted coffee in 12oz valve sealed bags and coffee by the pound.

Our current uniquely flavored coffees are as follows: Ginger Bread Coffee, Chocolate Fudge Coffee, Cinnamon Flavored Coffee, Hazelnut Flavors Coffee Beans, Orange Flavor Coffee, Pumpkin Flavored Coffee Beans,Crazy Vanilla,French Vanilla,Chocolate Cherry,Pistachio Flavored Coffee Beans, Irish Creme, Cookie Flavored Coffee, Vanilla Caramel Coffee.

Home Roasters in Hong Kong can now buy and enjoy our Raw Green Coffee Sampler, speak to our sales manager for more information.

Great Deals Hong Kong currently offers fresh gourmet single origins coffee to office, hotels and individuals in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. Hong Kong Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans by the pound.

Big Flavored Coffee, Smart Price!

Roasted gourmet coffee beans HK,Raw Unroasted coffee and machines, available to buy Hong Kong/Macau/Shenzhen, Retail Coffee and wholesale bulk by the pound available. We sell uroasted raw green coffee beans in bulk and by the pound direct to individuals.
12/F, Draco Industrial Building No.46 Lai Yip Street
Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Hong Kong, CN


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Roasted Coffee Beans HK Great Deals on Roasted gourmet coffee beans and green coffee beans wholesale coffee in bulk or by the pound. ..Great Deals on Hong Kong Coffee Beans and coffee machines.

Contact us: for wholesale prices on roasted coffee and green coffee beans.

we supply roasted coffee beans for home,office and restaurants.

We also supply local micro roaster in Hong Kong and Macau.

We offer free delivery to Hong Kong,Macau and Shenzhen on select orders